Collect Feedback

Convenient. Immediate. Engaging.
Use MoveAide to send the link to your customers.
MoveAide is easily accessible on most mobile devices.
No apps required. No downloads necessary.


Share Experience

Reviews sent to you in real time.
Customers are encouraged to share the reviews on their social media pages.
You will receive an alert immediately if a negative review is posted.

Manage Communications

Management can respond to reviews posted.
Address negative reviews immediately.
Let your customers know how much you appreciate their positive feedback.


Reward Customers

For sharing their feedback, we will reward one lucky reviewer each month.
By sharing their reviews on their social media pages, customers increase their chances of winning in the monthly draw.

Service Level Management

Analytics provide a snap shot of service quality levels in real time. Benchmark against the national average.
Set measurable KPIs for different business units based on detailed service quality scores.


Group or Branch Reporting

Review and rank service quality levels of offices within the group.
Set measurable KPIs for individual offices within the group.
Identify and manage offices requiring service level improvements.


Search Engine Optimization

Your review pages are search engine optimized.
The more reviews you collect, the higher the likelihood of your review page coming up tops in search results.